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Customize how you live with Smart Homes.


Here are some of the benefits you probably already know...

  • Energy Savings. Kids (and adults, too!) leave the lights on all the time, so set your lights to turn off if no one's at home.

  • Security without a monthly monitoring fee. Smarts homes can integrate with smart smoke detectors, water leak sensors, cameras, and more.

  • Turn on music, lights, and more, using just your voice.

  • Save costs on heating. Smart Thermostat, Integrate Nest, Honeywell, or Ecobee helps save money on your heating while increasing functionality.

... and here are some benefits that only a few know:

  • Building a new home? Lutron Caseta Smart Home can save you money, as is does not require the same amount of wiring as a conventional builds. This alone can offset the cost of the smart home itself.

  • If you want to install 3-way or 4-way switching at multiple entrances to a room, but the original wiring does not exist and all the walls are finished, installing a wire to the new locations proves challenging (or the cutting of walls!). With a Smart Home setup, upgrading or adding lighting to your home is a breeze.


Scenario #1

Traditional Electrical Wiring

Involves the cost of electrical permit, the labour to run the wires to the desired locations, materials (i.e. wiring), electrical boxes, and switches. The collateral damage is the labour to cut the strips in the walls to run the wires, drywall repair, and paint... which all adds to the time, mess, and discomfort of home renovations.


Scenario #1 Cost Estimations

  • Electrical Permit: $119

  • Electrical Labour (1-day): $680

  • Electrical Materials: $350

  • Demolition Labour: $200

  • Drywall Repair: $300

  • Paint Repair: $300

  • Repairs times and displacement: $?

Total Estimated Cost: $1,949 + tax


Scenario #2

Smart Home Electrical Wiring

With the installation of a Smart Home, you avoid all the costs and inconveniences listed in Scenario #1... and gain more functionality and long-term cost savings.

In many cases, Lutron Caseta can be installed without cutting any drywall, and the only labour required is for switch installation. The cost savings alone can help offset the initial capital outlay of a Smart Home. 

Voice control you entire home, listen to music in every area, and integrate with many smart options on the market today. As you become more familiar with your smart home, it can grow with you. All Smart Homes Packages* can be added to anytime as budget permits or needs and wants.

Scenario #2 Cost Estimations

  • Electrical Permit (not needed): $0

  • Amazon Prime or Google Account: $100

  • Labour for system set-up and installation: $800

  • Smart Home Package*: $1200

  • No repair times or displacement: $?

Total Estimated Cost: $2,100 + tax  

*Smart Homes Package includes smart bridge, Amazon Alexa Echo Dot OR Google Mini, 4-master dimmers, 4-pico remote switches, lamp dimmer and pico lamp remote.

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